Addressing Typical Washing Machine Concerns in West Denver Homes and Businesses

Washing machines can be a major staple of any home as well as some commercial properties, requiring a highly capable, properly-running machine. Especially for homes with a lot of children, larger families, and certain businesses like those in the hospitality industry, washing machine issues can throw a wrench in your everyday schedule.

The Most Prevalent Washing Machine Problems in West Denver Properties

  • Washing machine won’t turn on: This issue can be a result of the power source, motor, lid switch, or timer knob. Checking each component for functionality is important for troubleshooting. We’re always here to provide troubleshooting if all components seem to check out with you.
  • Washing machine not draining properly: Foreign objects and too much detergent may prevent your washer from draining properly. The drain hose or drain pump may also be compromised– have a professional diagnose and repair these parts if you’ve checked for foreign objects or limited your detergent use.
  • Washing machine won’t spin: If the load is too large this can cause your washing machine to not spin. the lid switch may also be faulty and require replacement. The drain pump, belts, and motor may also be affected, requiring immediate attention and repairs.
  • Washing machine leaking water: There are numerous parts that may be compromised that lead to leaks in your West Denver washing machine. From the drain to the drain pump, hoses, door seal, tub, and more, having a professional check out your washing machine before significant property damage is done is crucial.

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