Does Rock Salt Kill Tree Roots in My Arvada Plumbing System?

Did you know that tree roots are the leading cause of sewer line damage in the Arvada area? Tree roots are drawn to water, causing them to pursue sewer lines due to the condensation that forms around them. Tree roots will continue to push on sewer lines until they’re able to get inside and access all of the water. Once they absorb the water inside of your pipes, they expand causing significant damage and blockage. Homeowners may look into DIY methods for killing tree roots, but are these options effective?

The Dangers of DIY Methods for Killing Tree Roots in Arvada Plumbing Systems

With any quick Google search, homeowners will usually find rock salt as a suggested solution for killing tree roots. The issue with pouring rock salt down your drain is that the crystalline form can actually add to your current blockage, creating even more damage to your system. Liquid rock salt is available but usually won’t make enough contact with tree roots in order to kill them. Homeowners can keep in mind that liquid rock salt is a good preventative option once you’ve had a professional plumber clear out your pipes. Foaming tree root killers available at the local hardware store may be considered as well. However, this option can take months to be effective. The only effective way to take care of tree roots in your sewer lines is by contacting your AppleTree professional plumber.

Work with Arvada’s Preferred Tree Root Removal Specialists

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