Why Does My Arvada Toilet Keep Clogging?

Did you know that there may be an underlying plumbing concern that’s causing frequent clogs in your Arvada home or business’ toilet? Toilet clogs are actually uncommon, so if you’re experiencing this a lot it may be time to seek help from a professional. We’re happy to help you find what’s causing your toilet’s clogs.

Common Causes for Toilet Clogs in Arvada Properties

  1. Fill valve concerns: If your fill valve isn’t working properly, this can cause your toilet to clog more often. The fill valve is responsible for making sure there’s enough water in your tank to flush– if there isn’t enough water, this can cause your toilet to clog.
  2. Old toilet: Old toilets begin to break down with age just like anything else. Older toilets simply can’t handle a lot of flushing which can lead to clogs. Upgrading your toilet can prevent this issue while also offering water conservation benefits.
  3. Sewer line concerns: Did you know that a blockage or break in your sewer line can cause your toilet to clog? Even if the blockage is at a neighbor’s house, this can impact your property. While there aren’t really preventative techniques for this damage, regular inspections can help mitigate further property damage.
  4. Pipe blockage: Blockages can happen when something gets flushed down the toilet that isn’t meant to be flushed. This blockage can ultimately cause a clog, requiring a professional plumber to fix.
  5. Plumbing vent concerns: If your plumbing vent experiences any issues, this can also cause frequent clogs in your toilet. Plumbing vents can become damaged by weather or blocked by debris.

Work with Arvada’s Preferred Clogged Toilet Repair Specialists

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