The Top 4 Causes for Sewer Line Clogs in Arvada Properties

Homeowners throughout the Arvada area have experienced a clogged drain usually at least once in their lifetime. Clogged drains are typically easy to fix, whether you have a small clog that can be remedied with a plunger or a large one that requires a quick call to your trusted professional. Have you ever experienced an entire home backup where all your drains are impacted? This is a serious plumbing emergency that’s usually caused by a sewer line clog. If you’re experiencing this issue, please call your AppleTree professional immediately. Here are the top four causes for sewer line clogs:

The Top Reasons for Arvada Sewer Line Clogs

  1. Damaged sewer line: Damage is inevitable with sewer lines as they age. This is especially true of sewer lines around the 20-year to 25-year mark, natural corrosion, cracking, deterioration, and full failure can all happen. Once your sewer lines are compromised, debris and dirt can entire them causing severe clogs.
  2. Poor garbage disposal use: Individuals that don’t practice care when using their garbage disposal can cause serious blockages in their drain. There are many items that aren’t meant to be thrown down your garbage disposal– if you’re uncertain, opt for your trashcan instead.
  3. Flushing foreign objects in your toilet: While it’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t flush foreign objects down your toilet, there are misconceptions about items that are marketed as flushable. Flushable wipes, diapers, tampons, etc. can all lead to sewer line clogs. We recommend only flushing toilet paper and human waste.
  4. Tree roots: Tree roots are one of the most common causes of sewer line clogs. Tree roots seek water which naturally draws them to the condensation around your sewer lines. They’ll find ways inside, often damaging your sewer lines. Once they reach the water in your sewer lines, they’ll expand over time causing significant clogs.

Work with Arvada’s Preferred Sewer Line Repair Specialists

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