The Top Warning Signs That Your Arvada Sewer Line Is Damaged

Homeowners and business owners throughout the Arvada area have to keep in mind all the different components on their property that require preventative maintenance. One item that’s often overlooked is the sewer system. This crucial system in any functioning property does require the right care in order to prevent sewer line breaks and damage. Did you know that tree roots, improper toilet use, pouring grease down your sink, and old age can all lead to a sewer line break? Here are the top warning signs that your sewer line has been compromised:

Top Warning Signs That Your Arvada Sewer Line Requires Immediate Attention

  1. Lawn changes: Since your sewer system runs underneath your property, there are sewer lines that are located under your lawn. If you notice a large indentation, this could be a sign of sewer line break. If you have soggy patches of lawn and there hasn’t been any recent snow or rain, this could also be another indication of sewer line damage.
  2. Strange plumbing fixture reactions: If you notice any strange occurrences within your plumbing fixtures, it’s probably a good idea to contact your AppleTree plumber. If your toilet water begins to bubble, troubleshoot by running water in the closest sink. If the bubbling doesn’t go away after running the water for a minute or so, this could signify a sewer line issue. If you hear any gurgling noises when flushing your toilet or draining your shower, this is also a sign of a compromised sewer system.
  3. Multiple clogs: While one clog can be the result of an individual pipe blockage, if you notice multiple clogs throughout your own this is a big sign that there’s something wrong with your plumbing system.
  4. Frequent drain backups: Backups can happen every now and then. But, if you have a drain with frequent backups, please pay attention. Frequent backups, especially in the lower level of your home, can be a symptom of sewer line blockage.

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