Tips for Keeping Your Arvada Home Clog-Free During the Holidays

It’s that special time of year when friends and family gather together for the holidays. Did you know that the holiday season is one of the most common times for homeowners to experience clogs? With an abundance of food at the center of every celebration, garbage disposals are working overtime while guests unfamiliar with your home’s sewer system unintentionally create more work for it. Here are some tips for keeping your home clog-free during the holiday season:

Preventative Ideas for Keeping Your Arvada Home Clog-Free

  • Composting: Composting is a great sustainable way of managing your leftover food. Rather than throwing your leftovers down your garbage disposal, starting a home compost can offer numerous advantages.
  • Contain your grease: Holiday food can get greasy, just make sure you’re not pouring any drippings or grease down your kitchen sink. This causes serious clogs that can cause unfortunate property damage. Pour all of your grease into a container to let it cool and solidify.
  • Recycle your oil: Pouring excess oil down your drain is a recipe for disaster. Did you know that you can recycle your cooking oils? Check with your local municipality to see if they provide an oil recycling program. If recycling isn’t an option, make sure to dispose of your oil in another way instead of down your drain.
  • Portion control and leftovers: Focusing on portion control can help ensure that no food will need to be disposed of. Check online to find recipes for your holiday leftovers so your food can be enjoyed for other meals too.

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