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Does your home’s panel box need an upgrade? Are you tired of dealing with a faulty light switch or fixture? Get help with these and many other electrical-related issues from AppleTree Plumbing Heating & Drains Inc. Licensed since 1983, we’re your experienced electricians offering a wide range of services:

  • Residential electrical
  • Unusual problem troubleshooting
  • Breaker panel repair and replacement
  • Panel box upgrades
  • Electrical switch and outlet services
  • All types of faucet repair
  • Kitchen plumbing
  • Water leak detection
  • Emergency plumbing
  • Bathroom services

About Your Electrical Panel

Typical locations where you might find your electrical panel include your garage, basement, or laundry room. It looks like a big metal box, but it contains circuit breakers or fuses that keep electricity flowing throughout your home.

Many electrical panels have labeled circuits that indicate which room or area they’re connected to – making for easy identification.

Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

Unfortunately, your electrical panel won’t last forever. Sooner or later, it will be necessary to upgrade to the current configuration. It may be time for a change if the breakers continue to trip, the fuses blow repeatedly, or you’re getting inconsistent service from the current set-up.

Upgrades are also essential if you require surge protection or if extension cords are being used regularly around your home. As time passes and new electrical devices are connected, your current electrical panel may run out of space. In a case like this, an upgrade is the way to go.

Another time to have work done on the panel is when your electrical system has been damaged by flooding or water.

Stay Away From DIY Electrical

An electrician goes through extensive training and has the tools they have for a reason. When your electrical system is having a problem, it is wise to only deal with licensed electricians that you know will get the job done safely. Many DIYers who try and handle repairs or installations are killed each year because they were too inexperienced for the job.

Don’t risk your safety or your life! Have your system serviced properly by one of the professional electricians at AppleTree PHD.

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