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Backflow testing and certification are specialty services that any homeowner or business owner can take advantage of. With the most advanced plumbing technicians available, AppleTree Plumbing, Heating, Drains, and Electrical is happy to provide comprehensive backflow repairs and replacement services for properties throughout Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, and more. 


Understanding Backflow Concerns for West Denver Homes and Businesses

Backflow is a plumbing condition that’s characterized by the water inside your pipes reversing its flow and traveling the opposite direction. Backflow is commonly a result when water flow inside the property is interrupted for any reason. When backflow happens, dangerous chemicals along with sewage begin entering your plumbing system. This offers a serious health hazard, contaminating your water source and making it unsuitable for drinking, bathing, washing, etc. 

Backflow Testing for West Denver Residential and Commercial Properties

Professional backflow testing is the best way to determine if your water source is compromised or not. AppleTree Plumbing, Heating, Drains, and Electrical delivers comprehensive backflow testing that analyzes the state of your water flow. Any debris found within your plumbing are cleared away and we conduct an extensive test of your water to ensure no contaminants are found. If our tests conclude that your water is safe, we’ll reassemble your backflow prevention device and you can safely resume using your West Denver home’s water. If we do discover contaminants in your water, we’ll begin the thorough process of removing them and returning your plumbing system to its functional state. 

Understanding the Importance of Backflow Testing and Certification for West Denver Properties

Backflow is a serious concern for any property– being aware of the potential issues of backflow can help you identify this plumbing emergency if your property ever experiences it. Having backflow testing and certification can give you peace of mind knowing that there are no bacteria, parasites, or dangerous organisms in your household’s water. With more than 100,000 occurrences of backflow each year, it is crucial to have your property tested. A backflow prevention device provides another layer of defense for keeping this issue under control– if you’d like to have one installed in your plumbing system, please contact us! 

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