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AppleTree Plumbing, Heating, Drains, and Electrical is proud to be the fast, reliable gas line repair and installation technicians providing comprehensive services throughout West Denver. Gas lines require expert help for optimal safety– don’t put your loved ones or employees at risk, contact the AppleTree team for immediate gas line concerns and emergencies. 


Understanding Your West Denver Property’s Gas Line

If your home or business has a gas-powered water heater or gas appliances, that means you have a gas line running to your property. Most West Denver residences that have gas appliances typically run on natural gas or propane. When gas lines are working properly, all of your appliances and/or water heater will work effectively, keeping building occupants safe and sound. If your gas line ever develops a leak, this requires immediate attention. A gas leak can cause risk of fire or even explosion, making it crucial to contact us the moment you suspect that your gas lines have been compromised. 

Gas Line Repair for West Denver Residential and Commercial Properties

Gas lines are often secure, ensuring optimal safety for homeowners and business owners. While gas-powered homes are typically safe, it is crucial to recognize the symptoms of a gas leak in order to prevent the risk of serious injury or even death. The utility company adds an ingredient to the gas running through your property since naturally it is odorless. The ingredient added to gas has a foul, rotten egg smell designed to notify you of a potential gas leak. If you notice this smell inside your home or business, it’s time to immediately evacuate. Another sign that you have a gas leak is the sound of hissing gas escaping from a pipe. While this symptom isn’t always present during a gas leak, if you hear this sound and smell rotten eggs, chances are that you have a gas leak. 

What to Do After Gas Leak Detection in West Denver Properties

If you believe there’s a potential gas leak in your property, you must evacuate all building occupants immediately. Make sure not to use any electrical devices before leaving your property– using your cell phone or even turning the lights off could potentially spark a fire or explosion. Leaving your door open can help vent out the gas if possible. Once you are a safe distance away from your property, contact 911 or your gas company for help. When the leak has been contained, call us for immediate gas line leak repair!

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