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Lead pipes require a different strategy when it comes to repairs and replacement. Many older homes throughout West Denver still have lead pipes, which is significant when it comes to finding the right plumbing expert. Damaged lead pipes can be highly toxic, compromising the safety of your family’s health. 

Does My West Denver Home Have Lead Pipes?

Older homes built before the 1970s typically have lead pipes that require professional attention. There’s also a chance that your home has a mixture of different pipe materials that may include lead connections or lead pipes. If you’re uncertain if your home has lead pipes, checking underneath the kitchen sink, in your basement, or garage are good options. Lead pipes usually are a dull gray color but some lead pipes can be painted. 

For residents new to their area, asking a neighbor may help you determine if your home has lead pipes. If you are still uncertain about what type of pipes are in your home, contact us! An AppleTree plumber would be happy to inspect your home to determine if you have any lead pipes.

Lead Pipe Replacement Benefits for Your West Denver Home

Lead is a highly toxic substance and is especially dangerous for pregnant women and children. Lead ingestion can lead to significant health concerns, harming internal organs and compromising learning potential while affecting behavior. Even though all lead pipes won’t lead to contaminated water, having your lead pipes replaced can provide peace of mind and prevent any lead ingestion risks. 

Switching to PEX or copper can provide higher durability, better water flow, reduce water usage, and eliminate your risk for lead contamination. New pipes can also help prevent expensive water leaks from deteriorating lead pipes. 

Professional Lead Pipe Removal and Care for Your West Denver Family’s Safety

It is common practice across US communities where homeowners are responsible for taking care of the private portion of the plumbing system when replacing their lead pipes. If your municipality has replaced their public portion of lead pipes, the pipes leading to your home may still be lead. The best way to address lead pipe replacement is by taking advantage of a professional plumber. We’ll safely remove your lead pipes and dispose of them accordingly.

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