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With all the different things that can cause plumbing issues in your home or business, most property owners are surprised to discover that tree roots are one of the leading causes. The persistent nature of tree roots can cause the same clogged sewer lines over and over if not properly addressed. Having a plumbing specialist remove your tree roots can prevent significant plumbing issues down the line.

How Tree Roots Jeopardize Your West Denver Home or Business’ Plumbing 

Tree roots are one of the most common causes of plumbing issues here in West Denver. Tree roots push against underground pipes, weakening them through pressure until they’re able to reach the water inside your pipes and grow inside of them. Since tree roots are always searching for water sources, the condensation that forms outside of your pipes draws them in. When tree roots begin to compromise your plumbing, this can result in a leaking underground pipe or a severe clog that backs up your entire system. 

Comprehensive Inspections for Addressing Tree Root Plumbing Concerns

If your water bill is unusually high or you notice soft, spongy areas throughout your yard, your plumbing may be affected by tree roots. Clogged or slow draining drains inside your home or business may also be a result of tree roots compromising your plumbing system. Our extensive inspections will evaluate the exact cause of these symptoms and determine if tree roots are the culprit. Additional drain cleaning and pipe repairs may be required in order to completely resolve your tree root-related plumbing issues. We’ll also provide proper tree root removal so that this issue won’t happen again. Some plumbing companies aren’t experienced with tree root removal which can lead to the same problem arising over and over again– choosing the right plumbing professionals can prevent future occurrences. 

How to Prevent Tree Roots from Damaging Your West Denver Sewer Lines

There are some preventative measures that you can utilize in order to keep tree roots away from your home or business’ pipes. Find solutions for creating barriers between your sewer pipes and trees– Physical barriers and various chemical solutions can help you accomplish this. Limiting the number of trees near known sewer pipes and lines or choosing slow-growing tree varieties can also help prevent this plumbing issue.

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