Septic Tank Plumbing and Repair Services for Lakewood Homes and Businesses

Even though septic tanks are more common in rural areas, there are homes and businesses in the West Denver area that have septic systems on their property. These septic systems require special maintenance and care, differing from normal plumbing systems. Commercial septic systems require additional treatment prior to dispersing water, making it crucial to have the experts inspect and provide regular maintenance. When well maintained, septic systems can provide reliable plumbing for years. Make sure your septic system receives the level of care it needs to remain in good condition.




Understanding Your West Denver Property’s Septic Tank

Septic systems are typically buried outside of your home or business. All the drains in your property are connected to a single pipe that leads to your septic tank. Wastewater from your property goes directly into your septic tank, where a septic pump takes moves this wastewater into a nearby leach field. 

There are subsequently three layers of material that form inside of your septic tank: the effluent, scum, and sludge. The sludge sinks to the bottom of your septic tank while the effluent floats in the middle and the scum remains on the top. The effluent is what ends up in the nearby leach field or drain field, typically providing enough organic material to fertilize the grass that grows on top of the field. If your septic tank somehow becomes damaged and experiences a leak or split, this plumbing emergency requires immediate attention. 

The Importance of Regular Septic System Maintenance and Care for West Denver Residential and Commercial Properties

In order to keep your septic system running smoothly, it is important to have regular septic tank inspections as well as professional cleanings. Professional septic tank cleanings prevent clogs and potential issues from arising in the future. Regular cleanings also provide the opportunity for your AppleTree plumber to take a closer look at your septic system and perform any repairs on small issues before they get worse.


The Trusted Septic Tank Repair Specialists in West Denver

AppleTree Plumbing, Heating, Drains, and Electrical is honored to be the trusted septic tank repair specialists. Whether you’re looking for regular maintenance or have a septic system emergency, we’ve got you covered 24/7. Septic systems can be quite complex, requiring a trained professional to conduct proper repairs and maintenance. Skip the DIY work and make sure your septic system remains in great running condition. Our trained specialists can diagnose whatever issues you’re experiencing and can provide any repairs or septic tank replacement you may need.

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