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Slab leaks can be a significant plumbing emergency that results in high costs and property damage if not properly addressed immediately. A slab leak is characterized by a leaking pipe that’s unfortunately located under your home or business’ concrete foundation or slab. These leaks can be particularly difficult to detect and cause considerable, undetectable damage to various components of your Arvada property. Since these pipes are located under cement, it’s impossible to see the start of a slab leak until more symptoms appear.




Signs that You May Have a Slab Leak in Your West Denver Home or Business

The signs of a slab leak can take place over days or weeks, making it important to be vigilante when it comes to knowing these particular signs. You may notice damp spots throughout your basement’s floors or walls. Spots of mold throughout your basement may also signify a slab leak. damp, spongy spots in your backyard can be a result of a slab leak as the water begins reaching the surface. Here are some other signs to be aware of:

  • An unexplained rise in your water bill
  • Water pooling inside or outside your property
  • Damp, moldy carpet or warped, water-damaged flooring
  • Visible mold or pungent mildew 
  • A decrease in your water pressure
  • Hot water heater that’s always running
  • Areas in your flooring that are suddenly hot



The Importance of Being Proactive When Encountering a Slab Leak in Your West Denver Property

Many homeowners decide to wait on repairs when they first begin noticing signs of a slab leak. It’s crucial to understand that slab leak symptoms can take days or even weeks to begin showcasing signs, meaning this leak could already have caused significant property damage. The more proactive you are, the more money and time you can save. Avoid costly renovations and contact your trusted plumbing emergency experts. 

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