Comprehensive Sump Pump Repair and Installation Services for Westminster Homes 

Basement flooding can be a significant issue for many homes throughout the West Denver area. If your home was built below grade or experiences natural drainage that comes back towards your home, basement flooding can occur during severe rainstorms and after snowstorms. With extreme weather concerns all year-round, ensuring your home has a properly functioning sump pump installed can mitigate this concern.



Sump Pump Options for Your West Denver Home

Homeowners have the choice of two different sump pump options for their home. The two basic choices available are a submersible pump or a pedestal pump. A submersible pump sits under the water inside of your sump pit while a pedestal pump utilizes a motor that’s outside of your sump pit. Pedestal pumps are ideal for small sump pits. Our leading AppleTree plumbers will evaluate your property and sump pit in order to provide a better recommendation.

The Importance of Sump Pump Maintenance for West Denver Properties

Proper sump pump maintenance is crucial in order to keep your unit functioning and prevent basement flooding. If your sump pump isn’t working, all it takes is one rainstorm to flood your basement which can lead to significant costs and cleanup. If your sump pump is damaged and is left unaddressed, you become susceptible to hydrostatic pressure that builds up behind your walls. This hydrostatic pressure can ultimately damage your foundation. If your sump pump is broken, please contact us for immediate repairs to avoid foundation damage. Regular maintenance is key for ensuring your sump pump is running in best condition.


Work with West Denver’s Sump Pump Specialists

DIY repairs and installations can result in malfunctioning sump pumps. This crucial unit can save you a lot of time and money in the future if properly installed and maintained by a professional. Avoid DIY sump pump projects and work with the AppleTree experts that specialize in comprehensive sump pump services. 

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